Dear readers, I know you’ve been patient, but rest assured, Let Him Come Hither is proceeding well. As you know, the  book will be based on this journal, but expanded, extended past the point wher I stopped blogging, and generally improved on.

Q: How far have you gotten and how much is there still to do?
A: I’d say I’m halfway there. I’m nearly finished on the first draft, which will be just the core text. The next thing to do is to go back and fix up the earlier sections, where I wrote very little, either because of my faltering memory or because I was in a hurry – though I’ve half been doing that all along so shouldn’t be much of a trial.

The next thing to do after that is to send out the manuscript to my proofreaders, a chapter at a time, to make sure everything’s correct and consistent. When this comes back, I have to cut the manuscript from documents holding one chapter (about a week) to just one day, so I can get the days and dates right. Then, I put it back together into chapter-length documents, and add in the chapter headings, maps and anything else that I think of.

After this comes the extra material. This will be in the form of reflections and discussions on various pilgrim-related themes. I’m intending to have one of these at the end of each chapter. This is probably the longest section left to do, as it means twelve pieces of material written from scratch! Again, this will then be sent out for proofreading. When they return, they’ll go into the chapter documents, which in turn will be combined with each other to make Act-length documents (three in all), with separate documents holding the foreword/introduction and the prologue.

The manuscript will then be proofread stylistically, to check not only that it’s all spelt correctly and whatnot, but also that it makes sense and runs nicely. While these are being done, Ill be writing the appendices, which will contain the practical information on the pilgrimage that would be jarring if put anywhere else – such as the kit I took, a rough breakdown of costs and so forth. These will go on the end. Finally, I’ll write and make ready the legal booky bit at the start, and combine it all into the final manuscript which I’ll upload.

Q: How long will it all take?
A: Good question! The writing is the longest part. Proofreading can be done very quickly – I’ve known people read through a piece of a fair length and get  it back to me with corrections in a matter of hours or less. I’m hesitant to put a definite time on its being ready, but if I had to guess I’d say around June-July wouldn’t be unrealistic.

Q: How long will it be when finished?
A: At the moment, with fifteen days still to write up, it’s just under 25,000 words. I’m expecting to reach 30,000 with the travel account on its own. The Extra Bits could weigh in at anywhere between 10,000 and 20,000 – I think 12-15,000 would be a reasonable guess. So all in all, factoring in appendices and whatnot, I think we’re looking at a 45-60,000 worder. What that means in terms of pages I’m not sure, but it’s certainly not the longest book you’ll ever have read.

Q: When it comes out, how can I get it and what will it be like?
A: Let Him Come Hither will be available online. Hopefully I’ll be able to ship it via Amazon, but if not, the company I’m using to publish it, Lulu, sell books as well. I’m still fiddling with the format, but I’m thinking that a paperback copy will be definite, and a hardback probable – though Lulu’s hardbacks tend to be fairly expensive so you may not want to get that.