Routes Wednesday, Jul 29 2009 

My route is now available for Google Earth.






Austria & Italy Wednesday, Jul 29 2009 

Before I forget, here’s my final section of route: Austria and Italy!

December 9th: Scharnitz –> Zarl
December 10th: Zirl –> Absam
December 11th: Absam –> Pfons
December 12th: Pfons –> Brennero (crossing border into Italy), rest on Sunday.

December 14th: Brennero –> San Leonardo in Passiria
December 15th: San Leonardo –> Meran
December 16th: Meran –> Bolzano
December 17th: Bolzano –> Kurtnig in der Weinstrasse
December 18th: Kurtnig in der Weinstrasse –> Zambana
December 19th: Zambana –>  Besenello

December 21st: Besenello –> Avio
December 22nd: Avio –> Verona
December 23rd: Verona –>Villaga
December 24th: Villaga –> Padova. Rest on Christmas Day. (Switch with Christmas Eve, depending on what’s happening)
December 26th: Padova –> Venice
December 27th (yes, it’s a Sunday): Venice –> Campagna Lupia

December 28th: Campagna Lupia –> Adria
December 29th: Adria  –> Ro
December 30th: Ro –> Ferrara
December 31st: Ferrara –>  Argenta
January 1st, 2010: Argenta –> Ravenna
January 2nd: Ravenna –> Faenza. Rest on the Sunday.

January 4th: Faenza –> Fiume Lamone
January 5th: Fiume Lamone –> Borgo San Lorenzo
January 6th: Borgo San Lorenzo –> Florence
January 7th: Florence –> Tavarnelle Val di Pesa
January 8th: Tavarnelle Val di Pesa –>  Siena
January 9th: Siena –> Rapolano Terme. Rest on the Sunday.

January 11th: Rapolano Terme –> Foiano della Chiana
January 12th:  Foiano della Chiana –>Ferretto
January 13th: Ferretto –> Perugia
January 14th: Perugia –> Assisi
January 15th: Assisi –> Spoleto
January 16th:  Spoleto –> Terni. Rest on the Sunday.

January 18th: Terni –> Vacone
January 19th:  Vacone –>Torrita Tibernia
January 20th: Rome!

Launch Checks Saturday, Jul 25 2009 

Ok, I have a week left before I leave. So…final launch checks.

  • Tent – check
  • Sleeping bag – check
  • Boots – bought, being broken in as we speak
  • Summer clothing – ready
  • Winter clothing – being posted to Frankfurt and picked up
  • Waterproofs – check
  • Navigation aids: UK mappage check; compass check; GPS in the post; getting foreign maps as I go
  • Insurance – fully covered
  • Coach north – check
  • Travel across the channel & journey home – accounted for
  • Camera – equipped with 8GB storage and batteries
  • Card reader + memory stick – in the post
  • Solar charger – check + mains charger & continental adaptor
  • Stove – check
  • Meths – check
  • Food – getting last minute
  • Ferret stick – check
  • First Aid – check
  • Water bottle – check
  • Water purification – checked Rough Guides and water’s all safe to drink where I’m going
  • Mobile & chargers – check
  • Torch – check
  • Whistle – check
  • Rollmat – check

All systems go, it seems! Have I forgotten anything! I may have it but forgotten to put it on here, but please say even so…

A Pilgrim Prayer Saturday, Jul 25 2009 

I found this in the CH Hymn Book, but it’s widely available on the net and rather old, so I doubt it’s copyright.

O Lord, support us all the day long of his pilgrim life,
until the shades lengthen and the evening comes,
and the busy world is hushed,
and the fever of life is over, and our work is done.
Then Lord, in your mercy,
grant us safe lodging, a holy rest, and peace at the last,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

John Henry Newman wrote this. Do you know anything else good by him? I’m told there’s a lot. Let me know if you find something by him!